Black Water

Blue Pyramid

Cindy White

Grape Ape

The Purps

Vanilla Kush


Blue Dream


Forest Dream

Lemon Skunk

PopCorn Shake

Shake- Multiple Strains




Strawberry Cough Dabaratus

Strawberry Couch Pure Distillate

Terpene Rich Distillate K2



Craft Concentrates-

Craft Panacea Shatter

Craft Sesh Cartridge



Live Resin Sap/Sugar



Super Lemon Haze Cartridge 500mg

Temple Kush Cartridge 500mg

Double Black Extracts-

Caviar Concentrate

Terp Jelly



Alchemy Cartrdige

Blueberry Colors Ihit

Pineapple Colors Ihit

Sweet Melon Colors Ihit

Pineapple Colors Cartridge

Sweet Melon Colors Cartridge


Incredible Extracts-

Orange Soda, Terpene Infused E-Pens



Buddha’s Smile CBD/THC 1:1 Cartridge

Harmonia CBD/THC 2:1 Cartridge

Hybrid Cartridge

Indica Cartridge

Midnight Moon Cartridge- Black & Blueberry

Mountain Mist Cartridge- Cool Mint

Sativa Cartridge

Sumatran Sunrise Cartridge- Blood Orange



.5ml Cartridge

1ml Cartridge


Symphony Extracts-

Kong Wax


The Clear- 

510 Cart- Golden Goat, 500mg

510 Cart- Grapevine- 500mg

510 Cart- Orange Cream- 500mg


The Lab-

Pax Era Pod Blueberry Distillate 500 mg – REC

Pax Era Pod Bubba Kush Live Resin 500mg- REC

Pax Era Pod Creamsicle Distillate 500mg- REC

Pax Era Pod Kosher Kush Live Resin 500 mg – REC

Pax Era Pod Panama Punch Live Resin 500 mg- REC

Pax Era Pod Peach Distillate 500 mg -REC

Pax Era Pod 98′ Bubba Live Resin 500mg-REC

Pax Era Pod Sour Diesel Live Resin 500mg- REC

Pax Era Pod Sweet Mint Distillate 500mg- REC

Pax Era Pod Tangie Live Resin 500 mg

Pax Era Pod Pre 98′ Bubba Live Resin 500mg




Granny Smith Apples Fruit Leather 100mg

Honduran Oro Maya 65% with raspberries 100mg

Peruvian Nacional 47% Dark Milk Hazelnut 100mg

Canyon Cultivation-

Blue Raspberry SuckIT

Boysenberry SuckIT

Fruit Punch SuckIT

Sour Grap SuckIT

Sour Watermelon SuckIT

Boysenberry LickIT

Lavender Lemonade LickIT

Strawberry Lemonade LickIT

Caramel Apple LickIT 1:1

Tangerine Dream DropIT

Vanilla Mint DropIT

The Coffee



Coda Signature Truffles Collection

Coffee & Doughnuts Bar 100mg

Crescendo Truffle 60mg

Forte Truffle 60mg

Hot Chocolate On A Spoon 10mg

Maple Pecan Chocolate Bar 100mg

Serenade Truffles 60mg


Colorado Cannabis Company-

CBD Pain Management Olive Oil 100mg

Wonderland Aphrodisiac Capsules

Wonderland Day Time Capsules

Decaf Coffee KCup

Pain Management Coffee KCup

Black Cherry Single Serve Chocolate


Dixie Elixirs & Edibles-

Orange Milk Chocolate 500mg

Peppermint Dark Chocolate 500mg



Boulder Bar 100mg

Ice Mint 100 mg REC

Indica Fruit Chews- 100mg  REC

Indica Sour Gummies- 100mg REC

Original Sour Gummies- 100mg REC

Sativa Fruit Chews- 100mg REC

Monkey Bar- 100mg REC

Peanut Budda Buddha- 100mg REC

Strawberry Crunch Bar-  100mg

Vanilla Afogatto- 100mg REC

Red Licorice Bites 100mg REC


Keef Cola-

Blue Dream 10mg

Bubba Kush Root Beer 10mg

Orange Kush 10 mg

Purple Passion 10 mg


Lucky Turtle-

Buzz CO2 Oil Infused Honey 10mg THC 10mg CBD

Cocoa Hazelnut Turtle Butter 10mg THC

Extra Virgin Coconut Turtle Oil 10mg THC

Peanut Butter Coconut Butter 10mg THC 10mg CBD


Leafs By Snoop-

Lemon Cherry Fruit Chews 100mg

Raspberry Fruit Chews 100mg

Strawberry Fruit Chews 100mg


Loves Oven- 

Baklava Cookie Bar Bites 100mg

CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies 80mg

Chocolate Chip Cookies  100mg

Red Velvet Cookies 100mg



Ripple Balanced 5CBD/THC 1:1

Ripple Pure 10mg THC


Taste Budz- 

Indica Blue Raspberry Gummies 100mg

Indica Kiwi Strawberry 100mg

Indica Tropical Punch 100mg

Indica Watermelon 100mg

Sativa Blue Raspberry 100mg

Sativa Kiwi Strawberry 100mg

Sativa Tropical Punch 100mg

Sativa Watermelon Blast 100mg



Sour Assorted Gummies 100 mg Hybrid

Sour Assorted Gummies 100mg Indica

Strawberry CBD 10:1 Sour Gummies



Zootbites- Chocolate Mint Cookies


1906 New Highs-

Bliss Peanut Butter Cups – 5mg THC 5mg CBD

GO -Dark Chocolate-  5mg THC 5mg CBD

High Love- Chocolate 5mg THC 5mg CBD

Midnight- Chocolate 5mg THC 5mg CBD

Pause- Chocolate 5mg THC 5mg CBD

High Love- Chocolate Coffee Beans 100mg THC 100mgCBD

GO- Chocolate Coffee Beans 100mg THC 100mg CBD

High Love 6 Pack

Midnight 6 pack

Pause 6 pack



Colorado Cannabis Company-

Coda Signature-

Colorado Cannabis Company-