How to Smoke Cannabis Flower

Traditional cannabis flower smoking is the most common and favored method of consumption around the world.

Flower remains to be a popular choice for its flexibility and versatility by offering you numerous methods of consumption. You can smoke the flower using a pipe, a bong, or by rolling it into a joint or blunt.

One of the best benefits of smoking flower is its quick “high” affect you will start feeling immediately.

Smoking Methods

Although most of the cannabis smokers roll their flower into a joint to smoke, there are other ways to enjoy cannabis flower.

Rolling Papers

One of the most common ways to smoke cannabis flower because  the only thing you need is rolling paper (available in most convenience stores) and the flower.

Rolling a blunt is basically the same as rolling a joint, but the paper itself is made out of cigar paper and contains nicotine.

Hand Pipes

These are possibly the most common smoking devices available today. You simply fill the pipe and light up. Great for portability and travel.

Water Bongs

They come is different variations but the consumption method is the same. You fill up the bong with water, which filter particles from the smoke while cooling it down.

Homemade One-Time Use Devices

You can use your creativity to make a smoking device at home. One of the classic ones is to use a fresh apple to enjoy your smoke.

Do you have any other ways of smoking cannabis that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.